Marilyn Thorpe


Contact info

1515 Quadra Street
Victoria, V8V 3P3

Research and Interests

Dr. Thorpe has been a psychotherapist, especially with adolescents and young adults, for 26 years.   She is especially interested in Borderline Personality Disorder.  Presently she is working with SSC to spread the concept of pit appointments, a collaborative assessment of a patient by a family physician and psychiatrist in the family practice clinic. For more information, please see the website


Selected Publications

Thorpe M, Monkman H, Singh P et al. Assessment by pit appointment as an alternative to a full psychiatric consultation.  BCMJ 2018; 60(6): 300-309.

Thorpe M, Williams H, Singh P, Buchan C, Olson D, Monkman H, Borycki E, Kushniruk AW (2017). Young adult patients with Diabetes presenting to a university clinic with depression and anxiety.  BCMJ. 2017; 59(6): 310-311.

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