Steven Taylor


Contact info

Detwiller Pavilion 1818
2255 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, V6T2A1

Research and Interests

Anxiety disorders: Classification, biopsychosocial etiology, and treatment


Selected Publications

Abramowitz, J. S., Taylor, S., & McKay, D. (2009). Obsessive-compulsive disorder. The Lancet, 374, 491-499. Taylor, S., Jang, K. L., & Asmundson, G. J. G. (2010). Etiology of obsessions and compulsions: A behavioral-genetic analysis. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 119, 672-682. Taylor, S., & Jang, K. L. (2011). Biopsychosocial etiology of obsessions and compulsions: An integrated behavioral-genetic and cognitive-behavioral analysis. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 120, 174-186. Taylor, S. (2011). Early versus late onset obsessive-compulsive disorder: Evidence for distinct subtypes. Clinical Psychology Review, 31, 1083-1100. Taylor, S. (2011). Etiology of obsessions and compulsions: A meta-analysis and narrative review of twin studies. Clinical Psychology Review, 31, 1361-1372. Taylor, S. (2012). Molecular genetics of obsessive-compulsive disorder: A comprehensive meta-analysis of genetic association studies. Molecular Psychiatry. Advance online publication: doi:10.1038/mp.2012.76. Taylor, S. (2012). Endophenotypes of obsessive-compulsive disorder: Current status and future directions. Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, 1, 258-262.

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