William Koch

Professional Affiliations and other Positions

SFU Psychology, Adjunct Professor
SFU Psychology, Adjunct Professor

Research and Interests

Forensic Mental Health Assessment
Psychological Injuries


Selected Publications

Koch, W.J. & Samra, J. (2005).  Posttraumatic Stress Disability after Motor Vehicle Accidents: Impact on Productivity and Employment.  In I. Schultz & R. Gatchel.  Handbook of Complex Occupational Disability Claims.  New York: Kluwer. Pp. 333-341.

Koch, W.J
., O’Neill, M., & Douglas, K.S. (2005).  Empirical Limits for the Forensic Assessment of PTSD Litigants.  Law & Human Behavior, 29, 121-149.   Reprinted in The International Library of Psychology: Psychology and Law.  (2007, Editors: R. Roesch & K. Thomsen)

Koch, W.J., Douglas, K.S., Nicholls, T.L., & O’Neill, M.L. (2006).  Psychological Injuries: Forensic Assessment, Treatment, and Law.  New York: Oxford University Press.

Koch, W.J.& Haring, M. (2008).  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  In M. Hersen & J. Rosqvist (Eds.).  Handbook of Psychological Assessment, Conceptualization, and Treatment.  New York: John Wiley & Sons. Pp. 263-290.

Hickling, E.J. & Koch, W.J. (2008). The Private Practitioner and Motor Vehicle Crash Related PTSD.  The Independent Practitioner: The Bulletin of Psychologists in Independent Practice, Summer, 125-128.

Koch, W.J.
, Nader, R. & Haring, M. (2009) The science and pseudoscience of disability claims.  (Pp 263-283). In J. Skeem, K. Douglas, & S. Lilienfeld (Eds.) Psychological Science in the Courtroom: Controversies and Consensus.  Guilford Press.

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