Robert Holt

Robert Holt

Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, UBC

Program: Basic Neurosciences



Short Biography

Dr. Holt obtained his science undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia and his PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Alberta. In 1998, after a short postdoctoral fellowship in Molecular Evolution at the State University of New York, Dr. Holt joined Celera Genomics in Rockville, Maryland where he served as the Scientific Operations Manager for the initial sequencing of the human genome. Since 2003 Dr. Holt has been a scientist at Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre located at the BC Cancer Research Institute.

Research Focus

Dr. Holt’s work is focused on the structural diversity of T cell and B cell receptors to genetically engineer immune cells to treat cancer and on the relationship between pathogens and cancer including the development of vaccines against carcinogenic  pathogens.


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