Timothy H. Murphy

Timothy H. Murphy

Professor, UBC Department of Psychiatry, Division of Neuroscience and Translational Psychiatry

Division Head, Neuroscience and Translational Psychiatry, UBC Department of Psychiatry

Member, Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health

Email: timothy.murphy@ubc.ca

Short Biography

Dr. Tim Murphy is a foundational scientist who studies how the mouse cortex adapts after stroke by remapping of brain function from damaged to surviving areas. The Murphy Lab develops new imaging and optogenetic methods that have parallels to human brain imaging and stimulation tools. He leads UBC’s Dynamic Brain Circuits in Health and Disease Cluster and participates in the Canadian Neurophotonics Platform.

Research Focus

Dr. Murphy uses high-resolution imaging of individual synapses and sensorimotor circuits in live mice to provide insight into mechanisms of initial stroke damage and stroke recovery. The lab has developed models of neurological and psychiatric diseases through internet-enabled mouse homecages used to manipulate and assess brain activity. More recent work has focused on developing a synthetic human form as a means of quantifying changes in neurological disease.

Significant Accomplishments & Professional Contribution

2010 UBC Killam Research Prize Science, Applied Science, Medicine Category

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